LuckyAromas logo created by client

Create a balancing and blissful atmosphere with LuckyAromas 100% pure essential oils. Use these therapeutic scents to help boost your mood through invigorating and calming effects, assist in natural healing or even to diffuse a beautiful aroma around your home. Created with our core values in mind, LuckyAromas oils are certified Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny and harvested from the finest farmers and seasonal crops to produce a 100% pure essential oil through steam distillation and cold pressed extraction. They are highly concentrated and pure, not diluted with alcohol or water. Plus, all LuckyAromas Essential Oils are packaged in premium amber glass bottles which provide protection from UV light so the essential oils remain stable, pure, and fresh.

Put a few drops in an oil diffuser, mix into personal care products, use to make your own soaps, candles, and gifts. Add to your natural medicine cabinet for quick and easy, all-natural relief from colds, flus, sore muscles, pain, and skin conditions. With so many benefits and uses, what would your aromatherapy arsenal be without LuckyAromas – a line of high-quality aromatherapy products created by LuckyVitamin  – a brand you know, love, and trust.

Concept design with PMS colors I picked out & reviewed with the client.

Working file in Adobe Illustrator.

Final product (photographed by client).

The LuckyAroma line can be found here.

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