We understand the importance of a healthy home. That’s why we wanted to deliver cleaning products that were not only powerful on dirt and grime, but safe enough to use around your family. With that goal in mind, we created LuckyPlanet: a line of natural, plant-based and non-toxic cleaners useful in every part of your home. Each product contains natural ingredients that provide exceptional and powerful results. The entire line is also made with eco-friendly packaging and Certified Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny. All LuckyPlanet home cleaning products are manufactured in a socially responsible way - made from environmentally safe, renewable sources which have a minimum impact on our world. Plus, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint.

And, we proudly disclose our ingredients and their purpose, so you know what you're cleaning your home with. Cleaning products manufactured in the United States currently do not have to disclose their ingredients by law. We think that's crazy! And, since we know our ingredients are plant-based and safe, we share that information readily on our packaging. We have nothing to hide. Being plant-based, our products always focus on the quality and effectiveness of nature, and never forfeit performance. A lot of research goes into finding the best plant-based ingredients to get your cleaning job done right.  

Good for your family, good for the environment and good for the animals!

Original concept art.

Working file for the glass cleaner.

Final glass cleaner product.

The entire LuckyPlanet line can be found here.

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